How To Go Gluten-Free Without Giving Up Your Favorite Comfort Foods

6 Lessons Easy

About this course

Unleash your inner chef! In this six lesson course, The Flexible Chef’s Nealy Fischer offers a roadmap to easy gluten-free baking, cooking, menu planning, dining out, and much more. While a new way of eating may seem intimidating at first, it doesn’t have to be! Through this course, you’ll unlock the following lessons:


Introduction To Gluten-Free Living - All roads start here. Find out what gluten is, the benefits of adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, and how the GF diet has evolved over the last decade. In this lesson, Nealy will introduce you to the term "naturally gluten-free" and show you how to live by the 90/10 food rule.

Gluten-Free Baking: Flour Guide - Going gluten-free doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite breakfast pancakes or on-the-go muffins! In this lesson, you'll learn about the various gluten-free flours on the market today. Plus, unlock Nealy's best kept secret that makes transforming recipes using regular flour into GF options a breeze.

Transforming Veggies Into Comfort Foods - Love pizza, spaghetti, and other carb-heavy dishes? In this lesson, you'll find out why we perceive carbohydrate-based foods to be comforting and how we can re-create the classics using vegetables.

Gluten-Free Dining: A Healthy Night Out - When you first transition to a gluten-free lifestyle, dining out can seem like a real challenge. In this lesson, Nealy serves up four actions that make dining out easy. Plus, get a list of important questions all gluten-free diners should ask their server.

The Importance Of Menu Planning - Learn all about the art of menu planning. After taking this lesson, you'll better understand your family's unique needs, save money at the grocery store, and slash your time in the kitchen.

Raising Gluten-Free Kids - This lesson is filled with advice from one health conscious parent to another. Unlock the secrets to getting your kids excited about a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle.

Each lesson includes a video, written content, and special PDF download (downloadables range from digital e-cookbooks to a printable grocery list).

Enroll today to start living your most craveable gluten-free life!