Diet Drama: A Better Way To Fill Your Plate

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About this course

Confession: I was 11 years old when I was first told I was fat.My mother, seeing my tears, took me to see a nutritionist and in 1989 I went on a straightforward calorie counting diet. And so began a decade-long struggle with my weight and a constant battle with fad diets in an attempt to ‘fix’ myself. At one point or another, I was on a cracker diet, a soup diet, a grapefruit diet, and probably half a dozen other insane eating plans. There was one time that I lived on carrots until the palms of my hands and feet actually turned orange.Were you ever that kid ... or adult? Have you ever been desperate to "fix" your body? Rather than trying to find the answer in restrictive diets that just exhaust your willpower and result in a junk-food binge, I'm here to tell you about another way. I call it flexible eating. In this guide, I highlight what it means to follow the 80/20 food rule and offer up tips to make filling your plate stress-free!